All black under the blues

Clouds Marion, Media 365: Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2022 at 09:45

Despite the morning schedule in New Zealand, All Blacks’ opener Bewden Barrett missed nothing from France’s 15th major victory over Ireland during the Six Nations Championship.

With the 2023 World Cup in France gradually approaching, Boudin Barrett is watching the competition logically. Last Saturday, during the second day of the Six Nations Championship, the last two teams to beat New Zealand faced each other at the Stade de France. In fact, during last fall’s tour, France and Ireland dominated the All Blacks, respectively 40-25 on November 20 and 29-20 a few days earlier, on November 13. If players faced Fabian Galthe, the Auckland Blues player was absent due to a concussion, he missed nothing of the show. ” I don’t think the Stade de France has a counterpart in the world. Such wonderful support from the French spectators, we will have to deal with. The France team is in tune with their fans and I know the Blues coach has a lot to do with it,” explained the person involved, while the Tricolors and the New Zealanders have a date on September 8, 2023 in the Dionysian World Cup opener container.

“Villière reminds me of Kolbe”

“Great show and great game! I was impressed by the French who managed to score the attempt so quickly, but equally as the Irish to react quickly and get back in the scoring. One of the men who blew me up was Gabin Villier (who will be absent in Scotland). Super player, absolutely stunning despite his modest size. He reminds me of Cheslin Kolbe, but he is the best defender, very stubborn and aggressive. (…]The French hit us in the middle of the field with their mighty determination and Dupont, who distributed bullets like a sniper, united well with Netmak. It was very rewarding to see these two teams compete, admitted Barrett, who got up at 5:45 AM for the occasion, During an interview with L’Equipe. I note that the strategy of the French matches well with the qualities of their players. A sturdy ball-carrying number 9 pack that has plenty of options behind it. The large airlines, three-quarters of which develop relatively freely, are not too confined to gaming structures. remain unpredictable. »

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