Graf fires at the referee after the VAR chaos

Graf fires at the referee after the VAR chaos

Manuel Greif has long been considered one of the best German rulers. Photo: DPA/Tom Wheeler


Sven Froehlich

It’s been another round of Bundesliga matches, with the echoes of sporting performances drowned out by controversial refereeing decisions. The video referee (VAR) in particular has become a favorite topic of hatred among German football fans.

In the confrontation between Frankfurt and Dortmund (3:3) there were several incidents that led to collective frowns, and the match between Augsburg and Wolfsburg was not immune to the focus shifting towards the match referee. Which displeased former referee Manuel Greif.

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Graf says the last round of the Bundesliga was “crazy” in almost every game, although one can assume he was not referring to Harry Kane’s 55-metre goal.

The rulers, he continues, “were exhausted and exhausted without leadership.” The fact that Gräfe omits spaces in an orthographic-erotic manner can be explained by the breathless nature of the content.

Manuel Greif criticizes the German rulers

Ultimately, the former German Football Association referee turns to art. The only perfect song lyrics he could think of were the credo of Astrid Lindgren’s children’s book heroine Pippi Longstocking, whose famous life motto was: “I make the world as wide as I like it.” Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”, known from the satirical film “Life of Brian” also comes to mind.

“Where was the German arbitration system twelve years ago?”Gräfe finally sighs, with a holding back tears emoji to accompany it.

29 October 2023, Hessen, Frankfurt/Main: Football: Bundesliga, Eintracht Frankfurt - Borussia Dortmund, round 9, at Deutsche Bank Park.  Frankfurt player Omar Marmoush is intervened by Dortmund goalkeeper Alexander...

A scene between Omar Marmoush (red shirt) and Alexander Mayer caused a stir over the weekend. Photo: DPA/Arne Didert

In particular, he pointed out several actions in the match between Dortmund and Frankfurt. Frankfurt were denied a regular penalty kick when BVB goalkeeper Alexander Meier brought Omar Marmoush to the ground. On the other hand, Dortmund’s Marius Wolff’s handball did not deserve a penalty kick. Both actions caused some incomprehension after the match.

Criticism of the referees’ decisions from several quarters

Axel Hellmann, spokesman for Eintracht Frankfurt’s board, said after the match that he wanted to reduce the use of VAR “in basic decisions.” He no longer believes this makes football better.

Meanwhile, Mats Hummels suffered further from the penalty spot after Marius Wolff’s handball. “Please change the handball rule, no one wants to see these kicks anymore.”“, Dortmunder wrote on Instagram.

For Manuel Greif, the problem is not so much the rules as the people who are supposed to enforce them. And he writes in others.”

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