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Goose Boards: Unique Handcrafted ‘Made in Auckland’ Skateboards

Across KIWIFRENCH | Posted on 05/21/2021 at 05:33 AM | Updated on 05/19/2021 11:14

Many people have ideas but never realize them. The hardest part, however, is just getting started. For Jared Debrose and Ryan Thorpe, one is a craftsman and the other a graphic designer: Imagination must be taken very seriously.. So, from a simple idea, they decided to create their own skateboard brand, Geese boards. Handcrafted and eco-friendly snowboards, but above all have a story. Le Petit Journal Auckland, in partnership with KIWIFRENCH, makes you discover these people’s life philosophy “Two dreamers.”

Inspired by each other’s skills, the two friends, or rather “the dreamers” as they call themselves, decided to use their knowledge to create a cruiser snowboards together. Handmade, each painting is unique: “No two are the same – like you.” Skateboards Made from Recycled New Zealand Wood: From Korean And you MataiOr pine or oak. This cruiser is skateboards ‘Bicycling’ you want to be Functional Artifacts : Strong, beautiful and durable panels that can be used daily as a means of transportation.

Because environmental protection and ” beauty of nature “ A priority for both entrepreneurs, their products must be accountable. But the envy behind him Geese boards They are also to inspire their customers in their consumer choices; They understand that a quality product can be created from materials that should have become waste and they discover it “More opportunities [de la sorte] Around them on a daily basis. “

Jared And the Rayan So I also developed skateboard building workshops for Inspiring and educating people. Give them confidence in their ability to make beautiful products, and encourage them to develop their creativity and acquire new skills. Company advocates “Consume better” On his own scale he tries to change minds for social and environmental awareness and assessment of their respective potentials.

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