Google: What is this new security standard that will be imposed on you on November 9?

Google: What is this new security standard that will be imposed on you on November 9?

Two-factor authentication will be automatically enabled for all Google accounts starting November 9.

You won’t have a choice anymore. So far, Google has left the possibility for users to choose whether or not to this second stage of account authentication. whatever To access your emails on gmail, Google Drive, Maps or even YouTube, is highly recommended, but not yet mandatory, to switch to this system, specifying CNews.

What will change significantly?

Among other things, from This Tuesday, November 9th. Thus, the security of Google accounts and all its affiliated apps will be improved thanks to two-factor authentication.

Emails sent to users who are still unable to switch to this mode of connecting to an account, Google clarified specifying for these recipients: “Two-step verification will be activated automatically on November 9. If you wish, you can activate this feature First, your account is ready. In practice, Google warns seven days before this change becomes effective.

How to proceed?

To activate two-factor authentication yourself:

1. Access your Google account from the management page, then select protection in the left column.

Access your Google account from the administration page, then select Security in the left column.
Screenshot – Google

2. In the “Connect to Google” section, tap ratification in two stages, as specified in admin blog.

3. The context page explains the principle of two-factor authentication. Click on Started.

4. Google prompts you to associate your phone as an intermediary for two-step verification. Follow the procedure to activate this setting. Once you have validated your number and activated two-factor authentication, Google offers you other possible steps to configure.

Effective November 1, two-factor authentication is mandatory for YouTube Partner Program creators.

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