Good news today, despite the Coronavirus - Western France Evening Edition

Good news today, despite the Coronavirus – Western France Evening Edition

Here are our five news from Friday, May 14 to keep spirits up, despite the Covid-19 pandemic and the curfew.

1. A new species of dinosaur has been identified in Mexico

A dinosaur specimen, which died between 72 and 73 million years ago, was discovered in 2013 in the North Mexico. The continuation of archaeological excavations allowed Mexican paleontologists to announce eight years laterA new type of dinosaur : un herbivore colossal, A priori Peaceful and communicative.

The species were named Tlatolophus galores. The term Tlatulophos Is derived from words PedanticThe Nahua language and Lovoss, In Greek, which mean respectively “word” and “summit”. Paleontologists who present their discovery in the scientific journal Cretaceous search I think these are dinosaurs “Loud sounds to scare carnivores or for breeding purposes” And we believe that “Their tops were brightly colored.”.

2. The End of the Mask and the Social Distancing of Inoculated Americans

An important shift on the front of the Covid-19 pandemic across the Atlantic: a return to normalcy appears closer and closer to … United StateFederal public health officials announced Thursday, May 14th, that Americans who received all their doses of the vaccine were against Covid-19 You no longer need to wear a mask or respect social distancing at home and abroad.

This encouraging new directive for the country, which still ranks first in the world in terms of total number of recorded cases and deaths, currently concerns more than a third of the population. However, this lifting of restrictions is accompanied by exceptions and warnings: People with weakened immune systems are advised to consult their doctor before abandoning the mask; For people who have been vaccinated and who have developed symptoms, they are encouraged to return it and take the test.

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3. TikTok is experimenting with a job offer and service request using a resume video

Chinese application Tik Tok From sharing the video, which is popular with young people, I decided to diversify. In the United States, it is testing a new service for sharing applications and job offers. The goal of this new job: to help users find work and to facilitate contact with companies. To launch their app, netizens will have the option to use TikTok to create a live video resume.

4. Saving a hundred cats in Savoy

A house in Saint-Julien-Montdenis in Savoy, in a dire state of impropriety, housed 110 cats, bought or collected on the street, who live there in difficult conditions. Warning, the Animal Protection Association has decided to do so with 30 million amesIntervene to save these felines, Report Dauphin Lieber . It took several hours to retrieve all of the animals that were then delivered to a shelter. According to the foundation, the owner of the building, already known to state departments for similar facts on the Côte d’Or, would have been dumbfounded.

5. The Queen of England announces banning ‘diversion therapy’

For several years now, the exact topic has been a subject of debate. England. The Queen of England decided to chop it earlier this week. Marking the traditional “Queen’s Speech” for her formal entry into Parliament, Elizabeth II announced a ban on “conversion therapy,” these practices that she claims are transforming Sexual orientation Or the person’s gender identity. An initiative supported by many religious leaders.

UK authorities have confirmed that a public consultation will be opened before the official ban and that it will also be provided More support Members of the LGBT community (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transsexuals) have been victims of this degrading treatment in the past. “Conversion therapy” is already prohibited for minors in many US states and in Germany in particular, however Not yet in FranceWhere the file is in the hands of parliamentarians.

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