“Godzilla vs. Kong” Corona’s Hit in Cinema: Facing Monsters – Culture

“Godzilla vs. Kong” Corona’s Hit in Cinema: Facing Monsters – Culture

Let us first deal with the phenomenon with a psychological analysis. If the whole world is afraid of a small virus, then after work it may have to be something large and unambiguous that cannot sneak through the airways unnoticed.

Wherever cinemas are open, for example in China or New Zealand, and even in parts of the United States, only one movie succeeds: “Godzilla vs. Kong”. Monster vs. monster, the trailer alone is a one-pixel battle that explodes what can explode. The title is also the abstract. There is no reason to fear that an unstable, epidemic brain may be intellectually exhausting.

The action movie is loud Box Office Mojo It has already grossed $ 285 million worldwide. That would be a bunch in normal times, given its $ 165 million budget – but it’s a pretty nice hit in times of pandemics. Cork appeared in the Warner Brothers film studio, because no movie made much money in such a short time during the entire Corona crisis. Even Christopher Nolan’s thriller “Tenet,” also a Warner production, which Hollywood had hoped would save the cinema last summer, is getting a lot weaker. The entire industry is talking about great artist Nolan, who once again promised to push the boundaries of cinematic art, apparently not paying much attention to the audience.

The fact that the movie is also available as a stream doesn’t seem to hurt movie theaters

Now, of course, the question arises as to whether one can draw any conclusions for the future of the entertainment industry from the success of “Godzilla vs. Kong”. The reason Warner is so excited to be successful is that the movie, at least in the United States, also started on the studio’s HBO Max live streaming service at the same time. Several studios are currently testing this strategy; Disney, for example, wants to release the Marvel movie “Black Widow” to the audience at the same time over the Internet and, where possible, in the cinema.

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Some industry observers are looking at the fact that “Godzilla vs. Kong” continues to attract movie viewers despite being available on HBO Max as a happy sign of the future: a happy coexistence that makes money from cinema and live broadcasting.

The problem, however, is that due to the current emergency, all cinemas are barely able to withstand the next time. Additionally, there are virtually no numbers in the broadcast sector that could be used for comparison. Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and HBO Max only publish numbers when operators feel like it – and rarely do. According to Warner, “Godzilla vs. Kong” is currently the most clicked movie on HBO Max – but the studio doesn’t say how many people have seen it online yet.

Monster battle, however, could be a signal, at least in the near future: viewers just want a loud bang when they go to the movies. So: It is likely that more sequels, pre-cuts, spin-offs, and any synonyms for Hollywood assembly line goods will be invoked.

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