Ghanaians promised jobs in France, but were kidnapped to work in Abidjan

Ghanaians promised jobs in France, but were kidnapped to work in Abidjan

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Wisdom Agbozo shared with SVTV Africa what Ghanaians in Côte d’Ivoire are doing for their compatriots.

In an exclusive interview with DJ Nyaami, Wisdom noted that these people who claim to be managers and employees of DHL are attracting Ghanaians to Abidjan.

These people were promised leadership and packing jobs in the logistics company with opportunities for France and Australia.

“My friend went there first and told me it was real, so I should go straight away. They asked for 8000 Ghs but I didn’t have it and they asked me to change any amount to CFA and he attended. I had 3000 sir and I sold my camera for 1500 sir and I traveled to Ivory Coast.”

Upon arrival, they were informed of their goal and realized it had nothing to do with DHL. His money was collected along with his passport, and his birth certificate left him at his mercy.

“A guy from Ghana told us when we arrived that we are there to do internet marketing. Something called Qnet. One of the victims rented his shop and another driver asked his boss to sell the car because he was commuting. They will collect all your money so you can’t leave the building,” Wisdom said.

According to him, the only reason he is currently in Ghana is because he had money hidden in his bag belts.

Please watch the full interview below:

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