GDPR: Is France moving forward with the UK?

GDPR: Is France moving forward with the UK?

In the UK, a GDPR reform is starting to emerge. Doubt remains regarding the continuity of the agreement signed with the European Union on the transfer of personal data.

Will the EU-UK fit decision last long? The mechanism legalizes transfers of personal data between the two regions (as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, i.e. the European Economic Area). It has been in place for a few weeks. Adopted by 27 in a particular context: Across the channel, the GDPR is in the process of being reformed.

The process accelerated this week. London has exhausted Multiple cards. in particular in an offer Preferably John Edwards will be the future Director of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). He is currently the President of CNIL New Zealand. In office since February 2014, he is serving his second five-year term. The next step for him: a September 9 hearing by the UK government’s Digital Ministerial Committee.

“It will have the ability to transcend the traditional role of the regulator […] To adopt a balanced approach in favor of innovation and growth,” we were told. Oliver Dowden is on the same page. The Secretary of State for Digital is calling for legislation “based on common sense, not on check boxes.”

Among the items being considered is the withdrawal of provisions resulting from Article 22 of the General Data Protection Regulation. This generally excludes decisions that are based exclusively on automated processing and that would “significantly” affect individuals. Suggested alternative: assess the legality of these treatments taking into account the concept of public interest. Another concept that has been explored is that of a “data custodian,” an organization that will manage end-user consents.

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Four years… at the moment

as it is, The EU-UK Adaptation Decision is valid until 27 June 2025. But it is subject to periodic checks. It may be subject to cancellation. The ICO has been launched recognize In the GDPR documentation section, “International Data Transfers.”

Outside the European Economic Area, the country inherited the adequacy decisions adopted by the European Union while it was still part of it. Some have been kept “as is”. For example with Canada (for businesses) and Japan (for the private sector). In other cases, adjustments were required. as in the Faroe Islands (law) or in several Crown territories (Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man).

For other regions, the British government chose their priorities. They are the United States, Australia, South Korea, Singapore and Colombia. There is also the Dubai International Financial Center. Suitability decisions can also concern organizations and sectors of activity. In the long term, we are aiming for agreements with India, Brazil, Kenya and Indonesia.

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