Germany lifts many restrictions on people who have been vaccinated

Germany lifts many restrictions on people who have been vaccinated

A man was vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca in Rheinbach, Germany on April 6, 2021. – Oliver Berg / AP / SIPA

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Germany There will no longer be a need to submit a negative test to enter the shops and they will be able to meet in private without restrictions, the justice minister announced on Tuesday.

“Pollinators will no longer need a negative test if they want to go shopping, go to a hairdresser or visit a botanical garden, for example,” said Christine Lambrecht in a statement, referring to restrictions that have been lifted for people who have been vaccinated.

Approximately 7 million Germans were fully vaccinated

The minister added that according to the text adopted by the government on Tuesday and which has yet to be approved at the end of the week by Parliament, vaccinated people will be able to “meet in private, without restrictions.” The night curfew that was recently imposed starting at 10 p.m. will also not apply to people who have received two doses of the vaccine. The House of Representatives, the Bundestag, will vote on this text on Thursday, and the Bundesrat, the Senate, will vote on Friday. In the event of adoption, these facilities could take effect from the end of this week.

more than 6.7 million people received both doses on Monday and approximately 24 million single dosesAccording to the Robert Koch Institute. Germany, hit hard by a third pandemic wave this winter, has for several months adopted numerous restrictions, from the closure of bars, restaurants, cultural venues and sports venues, to the closure of non-essential stores, strict restrictions on private meetings or even a nightly curfew.

There is no timetable for reopening the building

Unlike many European countries, the government has not yet provided a timetable for reopening these places. We had to restrict basic rights during the health crisis to protect life and health. It was very painful for me as Minister of Justice, ”emphasized Christine Lambrecht. And the Social Democratic Minister added:“ I have always said that basic rights must be restored as soon as their restriction becomes justified. ”

“The low infection rates and the fact that more and more people are being vaccinated makes me confident that we can quickly move to other stages of the opening,” she concluded, stressing that “the epidemic is not over yet.” With this, Germany recorded 3,433,516 officially declared cases of Covid-19 (+7,534 in 24 hours) and 83,591 deaths (+315) on Tuesday.

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