Germany hit by unusual thunderstorms - Liberation

Germany hit by unusual thunderstorms – Liberation

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Bad weather that hit the west of the country, from Wednesday night to Thursday, killed at least 49 people, and revived fears about global warming again.

A relentless wave of muddy water engulfed entire homes and villages, cars crashed relentlessly, and their ramshackle and crumbling residents. These images come from the southwest of the country and were multiplied Thursday morning in the German media. During the night from Wednesday to Thursday, a violent wave of thunderstorms, caused by the collision of a layer of cold air with a layer of hot and humid air coming from the Mediterranean Sea, ran over the Rhine regions that extend along the Netherlands and Belgium, the affected countries as well.

For Germany, the median assessment of the disaster is 49 dead Thursday night. Aides also continue to search for large numbers of missing people. These are the deadliest floods in Europe in twenty years. “I am overwhelmed by the disaster that so many people have to endure in the flooded areas”Angela Merkel, who began an official visit to the United States on Thursday, responded.

“Water up to your shoulders”


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