Closing nightclubs, curfews and reducing the load in the face of the explosion of cases

Closing nightclubs, curfews and reducing the load in the face of the explosion of cases

They lift the restraints and think they are out of the woods, but they have to back off in the end. I encountered a sudden explosion in the number of cases COVID-19, different regions
From Spain Gradually soon. Among them Catalonia, the center of this
Fifth wave Pandemic, the regional justice demanded, Wednesday, that the green light be given to impose a night curfew in the most affected cities, including the capital, Barcelona.

Since the end of last week, Closed discos closed In the area for at least 15 days, while a negative antigen test or PCR test is required to attend outdoor events if it involves more than 500 people. In the past two weeks, the northeastern region of Spain, with a population of 7.7 million, has recorded about 79,000 new cases.

Valencia and the Canary Islands follow suit

Other regions have taken or are considering similar measures for Catalonia such as Valencia (southeast). a curfew 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. has been reimposed and the number of people who can participate in meetings in 32 districts with more than 5,000 inhabitants is now restricted to 10.

The Canary Islands government wanted to adopt similar restrictions, but local justice prevented it from doing so.

Severe pollution in young people

In question, the delta variant, more contagious, was originally in the last weeks of the dramatic increase in cases, especially in young adults. The infection reached, on Tuesday evening, 436 cases per 100,000 residents over a period of 14 days, a level that has not been reached since the dark hours of the epidemic.

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However, this is the national average. Because the situation among young people is out of control. That brings Tuesday’s infection rate to 3,311 cases per 100,000 people over 14 days with respect to the 20-29 year margin.

Younger and younger hospital patients

“What surprised us a little bit was the speed of the infection,” said Dr. Alvaro Arcocha, deputy director of the Belvege Hospital in Barcelona. At this institution, the number of patients hospitalized on the floor designated for Covid-19 patients increased from 20 to 110 in less than two weeks. In addition, the average age of these patients (44 years) is much lower than in previous waves of the epidemic.

With much of the population now vaccinated, this fifth wave is different from the previous one: Hospitals are receiving the arrival of younger patients, many of whom have not yet been vaccinated or have not completed the vaccination process. Nationwide, the number of coronavirus patients in intensive care units as well as the number of deaths remain well below the peak of the epidemic. On Tuesday, the authorities announced that 13 people had died within 24 hours.

The left-wing government has staked everything on speeding up vaccination, and even if it’s a little late, opening it up for 17 to 29 years. Thus, Pedro Sanchez reiterated on Tuesday evening, in a television interview, that “before the end of the summer, 70% of the population will be vaccinated and they will have completed the vaccination process.”

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