Germany dominates – early in the Round of 16

Germany dominates – early in the Round of 16

In the summer, Germany’s U17 national team celebrated their European Championship title. Now the team faces a big challenge in the World Cup in Indonesia and is on the right track there as well.

Germany’s U17 national team celebrated its second victory in the second World Cup match in Indonesia. National coach Christian Walk’s side celebrated a well-deserved 3-1 win over New Zealand. The only goal the team conceded in the match came from a penalty kick in the 90th minute. Before that, the German national team was controlling the match in Bandung.

The German national team’s goals were scored by Dortmund’s Paris Brunner (45th + 7th place), Hoffenheim’s Max Morstedt (60th place), and the talented Bilal Yalchinkaya (81st place).

Thanks to the 3-1 win in the first match over Mexico, Germany has already qualified for the round of 16 after two matches. In the final group match against Venezuela on Saturday, a draw was enough to secure the group’s victory.

The only downside: The DFB has to worry about Asane Ouedraogo again. The Schalke player returned to the starting lineup after recovering from a thigh injury, but had to be substituted due to injury in the first half (43rd) when the score was 0-0.

Live tape reading:

Germany 3:1 (1:0) New Zealand

Final whistle – that’s it! Germany deserved to win and move on to the next round!

Minute 90, penalty kick for New Zealand!

Minute 86 – The match is now intense, and the German youth are playing it in a controlled manner.

Minute 81 – The decision! Noah Darvitch plays a great ball to Max Morstedt, who heads the ball against the crossbar. Bilal Yalcinkaya from Hamburg defeated the junior team 3-0.

Minute 78 – Noah Darvić finishes the ball again, but his attempt goes over the goal.

Minute 75 – With a win, Germany definitely qualifies for the round of 16. But the team will not be sure of first place. Against Venezuela in the third match, we will need at least a draw.

71st minute – Germany has everything under control here and doesn’t let anything go wrong.

Minute 64 – National team coach Walk makes a substitution and takes Paris Broner and Charles Hermann out of the match. Bilal Yalcinkaya from SV Hamburg and Almoguera Kabar from Borussia Dortmund enter the match.

63 min – Now New Zealand have a chance. Free kick from 30 to 35 meters from goal taken by Watson inside the penalty area, taken by defender Noah Dupont, but nothing comes of chance.

Minute 60 – The second goal! First, DFB hits the post from long range, then Charles Herrmann recovers the ball and passes it to Noah Darvitch, who dribbles his way into the penalty area and passes the ball to Max Morstedt. Hoffenheim player kicks the ball into the goal. 2:0

Minute 55 – Play continues in New Zealand’s half, but so far without any dangerous opportunities.

Minute 47 – Germany does not rest here, but continues to press and get the ball here.

Minute 46 – The second half continues, New Zealand has the ball first.

End of the first half – Germany deserves to take the lead against New Zealand. The most famous player is winger Maximilian Hennig from Bayern Munich.

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