Geek is practically banned in New Zealand (

Geek is practically banned in New Zealand (

July 25, 2013 at 10:53 am Fluvirin wrote

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I didn't find Maniac to be that harsh at all, and the first-person perspective saves the film from being a waste, even if the overall atmosphere, at least for me, is still not really right… Maybe it's actually because of Elijah Wood, who doesn't IMO he is the right actor for such films.

But every country and every institution has its own ideas and principles about what the general public is allowed to see, hear and read.

Is there actually such a thing as a ranking list that includes the most censorship, restriction, and bans? I would just like to know how far behind our banana republic New Zealand is.

I don't see it that way at all, the film was well done graphically and cinematically, many of the little nods to the original film were noted and were also appropriate, especially THE WOOD which made a reappearance (after Sin City and THAT RIOT THING) can It's another thing to play it too – people often comment in their reviews and get stuck if they can't let go of the typical roles, the movie was good, it stood out and it belongs in the group….
And this scribble about: I didn't find it that difficult at all….what please, maybe some real recordings???
The movie was meant to be tough and was made that way… tough enough to still work

oh well. What you call “scribbling” is my opinion. I'm sorry I can't agree with you, and also that I won't follow your unqualified view that “Maniac” belongs to every group. I can also assure you that I'm not at all “stumped” when I see Wood getting things wrong with this movie, quite the opposite: it actually worked for him in SIN CITY, but not in “Maniac” IMO. However, to me, Wood is not destined for such roles. Then and now?

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It's always good for discussions to arise from opposing opinions.
However, here at, in most cases it is absolutely forbidden to discuss matters because many people get too quickly and directly into personal matters and simply cannot accept the existence of opinions other than their own – as if they were. About the unwavering cinematic masterpieces and effects.

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