Gambling Regulation & Online Casinos in New Zealand


On an annual basis, New Zealanders spend more than $2 billion on gaming operations. As a result, gaming has become an important aspect of the local culture and a popular activity among the country’s citizens.

Despite the fact that gaming is very popular among the natives, New Zealand has a fairly limited number of casinos. There are just seven casinos in the country right now. In comparison to New Zealand’s racetracks and bingo halls, this creates an imbalance. A large number of high-street betting businesses also provide sports betting.

Laws Overview

The Department of Internal Affairs is currently in charge of all gaming operations on New Zealand’s territory. The Gambling Act of 2003 is the country’s principal piece of legislation that represents pertinent legislation on the subject.

The latter is the country’s first gambling and offsite interactive gambling law. Interactive gambling over the Internet is prohibited by law, with limited exceptions for the Lotteries Commission, the Racing Board, and some sales promotion activities that are run in the form of a lottery.

The Gambling Act of New Zealand, which was passed in 2003, established a new national regulatory structure. The Gambling Commission is currently the country’s regulatory agency for gambling and internet gaming activities. Apart from monitoring gambling activities in New Zealand, the Gambling Commission also handles a number of complaints from non-casino gambling companies over the Secretary of Internal Affairs’ licensing decisions.

The Gambling Act was amended in 2004, which revolutionized the gambling landscape, particularly when it came to the entry of casinos. As the primary control tool, the Commission and the Gambling Act have decided to confine casino gambling to operators who have previously been licensed. All of the nz online casinos have to go through this act in question.

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Online Casinos and Gambling

The Gambling Act of 2003 makes online gambling illegal in New Zealand, with the exception of a few lottery and sports betting games and activities that are highly regulated. Online gambling, also known as remote interactive gambling, is defined as gambling conducted through the use of a number of communication devices, such as computers, telephones, and radios.

This is why internet gambling is not completely prohibited in the country and is available to players to some extent.

The National Lottery went online half a decade after the Gambling Act of 2003 was established. As a result, local lottery players are unable to participate in their favorite games.

The New Zealand Lotteries Commission oversees and organizes the country’s state lottery, as well as making decisions about an online state lottery as of 2007.

In addition, the Totalizator Agency Board offers lottery games and merchandise via the Internet. The latter, together with the New Zealand Lotteries Commission, are the only companies authorized to provide internet gambling services within the country’s borders.

The use of overseas gambling websites by New Zealand nationals is not forbidden by the government of New Zealand. This essentially means that local players are free to access such sites. Many websites that offer internet gambling games and activities now welcome players from New Zealand, and they offer a wide range of wagering options.

New Zealand Casino Characteristics

Great Welcome Bonuses

Online casinos battle intensely for your focus and, ultimately, your business in the gambling market because there is so much competition. The most common way they accomplish this is by offering you a welcome bonus. This is typically in the shape of a deposit bonus, in which your money is matched with a certain amount of free bets. If you deposit $30, for example, they will double that with a $30 bonus to use on their games.

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Online Casino Games in a Wide Range

An online casino with tens of thousands of games to select from is not uncommon. That’s pretty cool, right? Considering that a few of the games could just be junk to boost their numbers. Maybe your preferred table game or slot machine isn’t available.

Every online casino is scrutinized to ensure that it not only has a large range of games, but also that the games are of high quality and come from trustworthy software providers.

Sign-up is simple

We know how it is to sign up for one of the best international online casinos on the other side of the world, in New Zealand. You would like to learn what’s included in the registration process and what type of information you’ll be handing out because it’s a big, hazardous world out there.

Rest assured that most of the casinos offered to Kiwi players have an easy sign-up process, and they usually include the basic information you need to provide. Such as your name, username, email address, password, etc.



As previously said, a large number of residents wager on a regular basis, making gambling one of the country’s most popular pastimes. The fact that local residents enjoy gaming provides an opportunity for the sector to expand. Unfortunately, present regulation has raised some concerns, which has resulted in the industry’s stagnation.

Current law contains a section that restricts the expansion of “gambling possibilities” in the country, which is why it has been used to prevent the expansion of New Zealand casinos.

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Commercialized gambling is a relatively new phenomenon in New Zealand, having first appeared in the early 1990s. The country’s first large casino opened in 1994, and the sector soon developed.

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