How to find the Best Online Casinos for Kiwis

Online casinos have gained in popularity over the last decade, but especially throughout the last two years. The reason why they were able to gain such legitimacy and notoriety, is that they invested heavily in the security of the players, through their industry associations, but also on a one-on-one basis. Below, you will find out how to discover the best online casinos in New Zealand, by learning what to look for.

Find a New Zealand Online Casino Comparator

Today, the easiest solution to find the best New Zealand online casinos is to look for a comparator. They select some of the highest-quality websites for you, on which you can spend your money, while hoping to make more. They go through the various categories you will find below and point you in the right direction.


Online casinos have become highly competitive between one another. That is because there was an explosion in number, over the last few years. To get players to enter into their casino, instead of their competitors, some of them offer an introduction bonus. It can take many different forms. Sometimes it gives players free spins at slot machines, or they add a sum of money to the account, once the person opens it, to be played freely or after a certain amount spent. What you need, is to make sure that the offer doesn’t obligate you to spend too much money, before you can use it.


One of the most important aspects, for people who are really into gambling, is to be able to have access to the games at all time, no matter where they are. The only way to do so, is to play on a mobile phone. Some online casinos have understood that and offer the possibility to their customers to play on their smartphone. They can either enter through the website and play there, or by using an app. Look for online casinos that you can play on your mobile phone, before finalizing your choice.

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Online casinos are about exchange of money. You first need to open an account, on which you will deposit money that you will use to play. But the goal is to gain some more and then take it all back. Some casinos will require higher minimum deposits than others. Therefore, choose carefully and make sure not to go over your budget. The other element you need to look for, is how the funds can be transferred from one to the other. Sometimes, it can be through a credit or bank card, but some online casinos also accept wire transfers and cryptocurrencies.


This is usually the most important factor for gamblers. If an online casino does not provide the game that you like to play, then you simply need to look for another. Some people like table games (roulette, blackjack, baccara), while others prefer to spin the wheel at slot machines or play poker with other players. A casino with a large variety of games is always the best solution, of course.

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