Galaxy Z Fold 4: Less Curvature, More Power

Galaxy Z Fold 4: Less Curvature, More Power

Samsung continues its momentum in foldable smartphones. The Korean manufacturer should introduce its Galaxy Z Fold 4 in the coming months, but we already know a lot about the ultra-high-end mobile of the future.

It’s a small picture that shows Samsung’s big efforts. While the Galaxy Z Fold 4, the foldable smartphone from the Korean company, It shouldn’t officially appear until AugustNew information is circulating on the smartphone, especially on its internal screen. The home screen of the Z Fold 4 can make you forget the fact that it is indeed a foldable phone in our hands.

Bigger and more beautiful screen

An image, shared by multipurpose leak expert Ice Universe, shows the foldable area of ​​the Galaxy Z Fold 4 next to the one in Z fold 3. The least we can say is that Samsung has listened to the critics. Fold 4 actually appears to have less visible crease than its predecessor, improving immersion and everyday use. By reducing the screen cavity, Samsung is trying to make its foldable phone a mobile like the others, where you can view photos or scribble notes with the stylus without the fold bothering you.

This improvement may be due to the redesigned hinge, Which Samsung was also going to use in the Z Flip 4. but that is not all. Several other indiscretions allow us to get a fairly advanced schematic diagram of the Z Fold 4. Always according to Ice Universe, the proportion of the phone will change slightly. Official cover images of the next foldable device suggest that the phone will be lower and wider than its predecessor. Good news, as the 24.5:9 ratio Samsung adopted for its external panel did not make it a very comfortable screen for entering messages, As we noted in our test. Mechanically, the 7.6-inch inner screen should have a greater and less square stretch than the Fold 3 screen.

12 GB RAM, 1 TB Storage

question properties, Geekbench revealed it The fold should integrate 4 slide Snapdragon 8+ Gen1, the upscale component that emphasizes independence. The latter should be accompanied by 12 GB of RAM and storage of up to 1 TB.Enough to accumulate and move between different applications without problems. To see if this excess power will not damage the battery, probablyIt will display the same capacity as the Fold 3, i.e. 4400mAh.

With a technical sheet like this one, the best-equipped versions of the Z Fold 4 can show salty prices. The Fold will remain, for a few more generations, a mobile phone that proves Samsung’s expertise, but only the most affluent customers can afford it. Hopefully, when foldable phones get really affordable, there won’t be any problems with hinges and wrinkles.

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