Gaëtan Barlot (Castres): “I lived my childhood dream with XV for France”

Castres Gaëtan Barlot has 4 blue picks, and therefore two coveted victories, this summer in Australia, and this fall against New Zealand. good rate! (© Icon Sport)

News: In a span of two years, I went from Pro D2 with the Colomiers to winning the All Blacks with the XV of France. Do you realize?

Gaëtan Barlot: In a couple of years, I realized a childhood dream, you can say. Overcoming the All Blacks at the Stade de France, in front of 80,000 people, singing Marseillaise and seeing haka up close… It’s a childhood dream come true. Everything that happens to me is wonderful. It’s so beautiful, right now, so we have to keep going until I can relive magical moments like this.

How did you feel during this historic evening?

GB: The preliminary match was very stressful and disturbing as well, because we were about to have a high-level match. Playing the All Blacks at the full Stade de France is a really cool thing to experience and it’s not for everyone. At the time, I was completely focused on the match, but just before that, I remembered how far I had come and was proud to have come to this match. I tried to make the most of it and store as many memories as possible, because these are special moments that don’t happen every weekend in a sports career. I benefited from that, but I also gave everything for the team when I got on the pitch. After the match, I had so many messages from my former teammates and friends from Claremont that I lost my sight when I left Auvergne to come and play rugby in the Southwest. It is always fun and interesting.

Sometimes I wonder why I sign autographs…but I realize I still beat all blacks. It means a lot to people, so I understand them.

Gaëtan BarlotCuster Hooker

After this feat, should you also get used to requests for proposals and autographs?

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GB: Yes, this is correct ! Sometimes I wonder why I’m being questioned and why I’m signing autographs…but I know I still have a good career and especially since I beat the All Blacks. It means a lot to people, so I understand them. If I were them, I think I would have done the same. When I was young I would ask high-ranking players for autographs, so I totally understood this game.

What did coach Fabian Gallett tell you at half-time in this match?

GB: He has managed to keep us under pressure, and he has told us that there are still a few things to work out and that we can be better. We were only in the middle of the match so it’s not over yet. The staff warned us that the All Blacks were coming back with big intentions in the second half, so we had to keep our grip and start again as strong as we finished. They were right, because the New Zealanders came back with other intentions after the break, but we listened to Fabian, we reacted really well and kept the score.

Is your entry time set for play hour?

GB: No, nothing is programmed. It really depended on the scenario of the match and the performance of Beto Mofaka. Due to the nature of the match, it was easier to sit on the bench and come back for this meeting, because the team was dominant and effective.

There are people knocking on the door to take the position of a prostitute for XV from France. We have no choice, you have to be good at the club hoping to get the Blues back.

Gaëtan BarlotCuster Hooker

Was it difficult to get down to earth and back to the club?

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GB: It wasn’t difficult, even if we just stayed a bit in a cheerful state. We must go back down quickly and try to switch quickly. Now, I’m totally focused on the trip to Montpellier with Castres, this Saturday, and you should be, because resuming the top 14 is very difficult. We are expecting a big fight in Montpellier and we know they are waiting for us, so I can’t bear to stay on my clouds. I had relatively little time playing with the blues during all three tests (21 minutes against the All Blacks, editor’s note), so I feel ready physically, especially since we worked so hard on Marcoussis. I’m ready to help my team at Castres, before taking the mandatory week off later in the season.

Knowing that you would have to perform well in a club to be called up in the blue…

GB: exactly. There are people knocking on the door to take the position of a prostitute for XV from France. All of a sudden, we have no choice, you have to be good at the club hoping to get the blues back.

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