Basketball, Fortetodo: Brandon Ashley fled to the United States

Basketball, Fortetodo: Brandon Ashley fled to the United States

The American winger was found on board by comrade Benzing on his way to the national team. Correton’s precedents in Milan in 1983 and Askew “The Specialist” of Udine and Reggio Emilia

Brandon Ashley returned to the United States without permission from Fortitudo Bologna. His colleague Robin Benzing, on his way to Germany for his obligations with the national team, found him on the plane to Frankfurt and asked him what he was doing there and Ashley answered frankly: “I’m going home.” Fortitudo announced that “Ashley returned to the United States on her own initiative without prior agreement with the club.” In his first 9 league games, the 27-year-old California winger played an average of 22.6 minutes averaging 10.1 points and 5.1 rebounds, a first-team number.

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“There is no place like Paladozza,” Ashley wrote in her last Instagram post, October 24, with a photo of him with fans in the background. He was born in San Francisco, after college in Arizona, and played in G-League in Texas, in Alba Berlin, in Nicosia, in New Zealand, and again in G-League. For Fortitudo, another issue at the start of the season was complicated by coach changes, injuries and defeats. Bologna is in last place on a par with Pizarro with two victories and seven defeats.


Ashley’s escape recalls similar episodes in the ’80s and ’90s, as Earl Correton left Milan (unbeaten after six games) early in the 1983-84 season for an NBA contract. The tall American lived in the same building as coach Dan Peterson, near the old headquarters on Caltanissetta Road. It was the caretaker who warned Peterson that Correton had just taken a taxi loaded with suitcases. Specializing in the sudden farewell Vincent Asco who left Udine in the 1990s and then Reggio Emilia. The former Fortitudino also returned to Imola and was short-lived.

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