From Washington to Berlin, who decided to punish Moscow?

From Washington to Berlin, who decided to punish Moscow?

The Russia On Monday, it recognized the independence of the pro-Russian Donetsk and Lugansk regions. announcement Vladimir Putin Immediately triggered a series of condemnations from the international community – except for China And the Venezuela A large number of penalties followed. 20 minutes He evaluates these first shots, which promise solidification in the event of an invasion.

Germany suspends permit for Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

This is perhaps the most symbolic punishment: Germany He decided to suspend the certification of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Ukraine was screaming for her suspension.

He said the project would be subject to a political “re-assessment” by the Economy Ministry due to the new “geopolitical situation”. Olaf Schulze. Nord Stream 2 connects Russia with Germany via a pipeline under the Baltic Sea with a capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year, on the same route as the twin Nord Stream 1, which has been in operation since 2012.

The project, valued at more than 10 billion euros, was promoted by the Russian giant Gazprom, which was co-financed by five European groups in the energy sector – including the French company Engie. However, the project has been controversial since its birth.. Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council. Dmitry Medvedev replied on social networks Berlin Declaration. “Welcome to a new world where Europeans will soon pay 2,000 euros per cubic meter of gas!” he said, sarcastically in German.

The European Union bans Moscow from entering its markets

The European Union wanted to do “very bad” for Moscow. With this goal, the 27 decided a “sanction package” and this is what it defines unanimously Jean-Yves Le Drian. Targeting the economic relations between the two regions and European UnionIn addition to “the ability of the Russian state and its government to access our European financial and capital markets to refinance its debt,” explained Head of European Diplomacy Josep Borrell.

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“The sanctions will also target 27 individuals and entities that contribute to undermining or threatening Ukraine’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence,” Josep Borrell added.

Either “actors in the defense sector who play a role in the invasion” of the country, “those who launched a disinformation campaign against Ukraine” and “banks that finance Russian officials and other operations in these separatist regions. These retaliatory measures can affect the value of the ruble, and therefore purchasing power For Russian consumers of imported products, it must be approved on the evening of Wednesday or Thursday.

US financial sanctions

Joe Biden He denounced the “beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine”. Faced with the situation, Washington has I decided to attack on three fronts : Sovereign debt, financing military spending through two public banks and five oligarchs close to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “We have cut off the Russian government, the Russian Central Bank, and Russian sovereign wealth funds from all new funding from the United States,” White House Deputy National Security Adviser Dalip Singh detailed.

Two Russian public banks, Vnesheconombank (VEB) and Promsvyazbank (PSB) were also targeted. The first is a “cash bank” in the Kremlin, according to Dalip Singh. As for the PSB, it is “critical to the defense sector,” the Treasury said. In concrete terms, Dalip Singh said: “These banks can no longer conduct transactions with the United States or with Europe (…) and their assets will be frozen in our own financial systems.” If Russia continues its “aggression”, the United States is “ready to take further action.”

United kingdom

Like its previous partners in the European Union, the United kingdom It didn’t take long to announce sanctions against Moscow. In order to “hit Russia hard”, London imposed sanctions on three Russian billionaires whose assets were frozen in the UK and who would no longer be able to travel to British soil.

Boris Johnson He also announced the imposition of sanctions on five Russian banks: Russia, IS Bank, General Bank, Promsviaz Bank and Black Sea Bank. “This is only the first round of British economic sanctions against Russia, as I am afraid to expect more irrational behavior from Russia,” the prime minister said. The Russian ambassador in London was also summoned to the British Foreign Office on Tuesday.

Canada is following its allies

Struggling for several weeks Challenging health restrictionsThe Canadian prime minister leaned toward the international. Like countless peers, Justin Trudeau He announced “a series of economic sanctions” against Russia “until the territorial integrity of Ukraine is restored.”

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The Canada In particular, “prevent Canadians from conducting any foreign transactions” with pro-Russian separatist territories Lugansk and Donetsk, imposed sanctions on Russian parliamentarians who voted in favor of the “illegal resolution to recognize these territories” and “prevent Canadians from participating in the purchase of Russian debt.” In addition, he added, “additional sanctions” will be imposed on Russian state-backed banks, and that Canada will “ban all financial transactions with them.”

No visa in Japan

Tokyo’s sanctions include banning visas for people associated with the so-called “republics”, as well as freezing their assets and banning trade with those regions. It also prohibits the issuance and trading of Russian government bonds in Japan.

Tokyo announced a ban on the issuance of Russian bonds in Japan, freezing the assets of several Russian figures as well as restricting travel to Japan. “Going forward, if the situation worsens, we will work with the G7 and other international communities to take more action quickly,” he said. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

Australia targets ‘thugs’

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has targeted members of Russia’s Security Council, accusing them of “acting like thugs”. Eight of its members face travel bans and financial fines.

Al Jazeera-Continent also decided to extend the sanctions imposed on Crimea To the lands of Donsk and Luhansk. ” Australia “I have always stood up to the aggressors and we will stand up to Russia,” the Australian leader said.

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