Canada and Japan announce sanctions against Russia

Canada and Japan announce sanctions against Russia

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07:31 Days pass and the topic that occupies the front page of our newspapers does not change. Release And the le Figaro They wonder about the consequences of the crisis in Ukraine, when reverberation Back to Western sanctions against Moscow.


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07:15 : Russia now recognizes the sovereignty of the separatists over the entire Lugansk and Donetsk regions. However, in the Donbass, some villagers are not afraid of the arrival of Russian soldiers. Report in Adamska, a town of less than 100 inhabitants.

Yevgeny, a retired peasant from the village of Adamska located in the Donbass, on February 22, 2022 (VALENTIN DUNATE / RADIO FRANCE) (Valentin Donut / Radio France)

06:23 : “Vladimir Putin may have rigorously underestimated the response of the international community. (…) Such a resolute and united response around the world will cost President Putin dearly.”

06:19 : From “additional penalties” It will be imposed on Russian state-backed banks and will be imposed by Canada “Prohibit any financial transaction with them”Justin Trudeau adds. These penalties will be applied “Until the territorial integrity of Ukraine is restored.”

06:20 : Canada also announces a “Punishment Series” Economy vs Russia. I will Ottawa in particular “Prevent Canadians from conducting any overseas transactions” With the pro-Russian separatist lands, impose sanctions on Russian parliamentarians who voted for “An illegal decision to recognize these lands” And the “Barring Canadians from Participating in Russian Debt Purchases”Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

(Dave Chan/AFP)

07:00 : new sanctions against Moscow. Japan ‘strongly condemn’ The Kremlin’s recognition of the separatist Ukrainian lands, the arrival of Russian troops in the Donbass. In response to these actions, Tokyo decided to ban the issuance and trading of Russian government bonds in Japan. Another measure: prohibiting the issuance of visas to persons associated with it “Two so-called republics” separatists as well as freezing their assets and banning trade with these areas.

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07:27 Here are the headlines this morning:

after The United States of America and the European UnionJapan and Canada announced a series of sanctions against Moscow and the Ukrainian separatist territories. Russia sent its first troops to the Donbass region yesterday.

• Parliament must today approve an extension of the voluntary termination of pregnancy to 14 weeks. A final vote will take place this afternoon in the Assembly.

• Floods have left ten people dead and missing in eastern Australia. Almost 50 cm of rain fell in parts of Queensland in the past 24 hours.

Yannick Gadot I have collected 500 referrals To be a candidate and join six other politicians in the Elysee race. Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour canceled trips to find signatures of elected officials.

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