From Guyana, Elizabeth Bourne denies the rumor of Matignon's imminent departure

From Guyana, Elizabeth Bourne denies the rumor of Matignon's imminent departure

Elizabeth Bourne was extremely hot on Sunday, December 31, 2023. It was just after noon, local time, when she landed in the tropical climate of Guyana, an offshore region bordering Brazil. From Cayenne, the Prime Minister prepares to fly over part of the Amazon forest on board a helicopter to reach her destination: Forward Military Base No. 9.H Marine Corps Regiment where you will celebrate in the evening.

But before taking off, it listens faithfully to the wishes of the President of the Republic, who, more than 7,000 kilometers away, depicts a dark 2023, but, according to the Elysee, full of events. ” courage “.

The Prime Minister, at the head of a relative majority that was shaken following the adoption of the Immigration Law, on December 19, 2023, which the National Assembly witnessed as a challenge. 'Ideological victory' From the far right, Aware of growing rumors about a reshuffle that could lead to his removal from 57 rue de Varennes.

Postponing the Cabinet meeting scheduled for January 3

The Elysee announces major unrest in January. State president “Chews”According to him, the plan aims to relaunch the second five-year term. for “Working on January’s work.” According to the Palace, it preferred to postpone the Cabinet session scheduled for Wednesday, January 3.

However, in his short speech, Emmanuel Macron does not allow anything to look like a great evening, saying that he is convinced that the twelve months that have passed have made a false trial. “disability” Which he targets. Thank you ” especially “ The Prime Minister and her government for the work done.

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Listening to the wishes, Elizabeth Bourne smiles, considering that the praise is well deserved. But those around him wonder. Does this extraordinary recognition from the head of state mean: “Thank you for everything, good luck”? In July 2020, he welcomed Emmanuel Macron “good job” Written by Edward Philip before he broke up with her the next day.

Having just been decorated by soldiers with the Golden Jungle Star, to reward the ability to survive in the jungle, Elizabeth Bourne continues on her path.any January, his Guyanese journey by boat, on the Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, which allowed him to remain for a few more hours a good distance from Paris, where his fate was at stake.

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