FIREWORKS: A bush fire broke out on St Mary's Island

FIREWORKS: A bush fire broke out on St Mary's Island

Team Caledonia admired the fireworks at St Mary's, January 1, 8pm. Surely some saw that a fire broke out in a forest on the island of Noumea. This has gained momentum. At nine o'clock in the evening, firefighters were at the site to control the fire, and no injuries were reported.

During the fireworks display held in Noumea, this 1any At exactly eight o'clock in the evening in January, a forest fire broke out on St. Mary's Island. It was indicated into the microphone at the end of the presentation that the firefighters were managing the situation.

The number of firefighters has been increased due to the extreme danger of forest fires in Noumea. Six firefighters were present on the island. The fire started in the middle of the show. But firefighters had to wait until the end of the show to be able to intervene. Fifteen minutes during which the fire continued to spread.

Six firefighters were on the island and reinforcements were called.

Piles of dead wood that had not been cleared fueled the fire. In total, firefighters intervened for approximately three hours with reinforcements. According to our information, the fire burned half of the vegetation on the island.

No injuries were reported. Noumea City Council did not want to respond.

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