French-Israeli influencers serve propaganda for the Hebrew state

French-Israeli influencers serve propaganda for the Hebrew state

Julien Bahloul has his favorite goals, just like Mathilde Pannot, who, according to him, has goals “Hamas repeats its lie about an Israeli raid on a hospital that would have killed 500 people, even though we know it is false.”Or Daniel Obono, “Whoever describes Hamas as resistance is intolerable.”. Like these two MPs, these targets mostly belong to France Insoumise.

“I'm proud to answer them. For someone like me, a simple civilian, to do that, it gives me more power than if it were the military.” But Julian Bahloul is not just a civilian. With l 90 thousand subscribers on the X network, It is clear that this former Israeli army spokesman takes patriotic positions. “I'm trying to be the French-speaking voice of Israel that I would have liked to hear in the past. People must understand that Hamas is an organization of bloodthirsty Islamic terrorists. We are working on that.”

“It's part of our communication strategy.”

A letter in line with online communication to authorities. A month after the October 7 massacre, French influencers such as Ingrid Cohen, also known as… Ingrid good advice (40 thousand followers on Instagram). Guests in kibbutzim that were attacked by Hamas. She then describes what she saw there to her subscribers: “Look at the bullets. Look at the shots!”

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Lior Hayat, spokesman for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs “It's part of our strategy on social media. We don't pay them, they see the atrocities with their own eyes, and through their eyes, their followers will understand our story and the story Israel is telling.”

According to the ministry, Nearly a thousand influencers of all nationalities They communicated with them and participated in their own way in Israeli propaganda.

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