A cat falls into a vat of toxic produce, and residents are being urged not to go near it

A cat falls into a vat of toxic produce, and residents are being urged not to go near it

In Fukuyama, western Japan, a worker at a metal plating plant found yellow-brown footprints, which led him to a vat containing hexavalent chromium, a highly acidic carcinogen. From this discovery, authorities concluded that a cat had come into contact with the chemical and warned residents to stay away from the animal at all costs, reports said. Watchman.

“We immediately informed the police, the city of Fukuyama and the neighbors of our factory,” a company representative told AFP. In security camera footage, the cat in question can be seen leaving the factory. But nothing indicates how it came into contact with hexavalent chromium stored in a three-metre-deep tank.

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An “unnatural looking” cat.

Contact with the chemical can cause skin inflammation, and inhaling it can cause respiratory problems. The company told the Japanese newspaper that factory workers wear masks and rubber gloves when handling the material Asahi Shimbun. Speaking under the guise of anonymity, the actor added: “The incident made us realize the need to take measures to prevent small animals like cats from sneaking out, which we never expected before.”

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On Tuesday, the animal had not yet been spotted. Environmental protection officials in Fukuyama speculated that he died after coming into contact with the toxic chemical. Fukuyama residents are urged to contact police immediately if they encounter an “abnormal-looking” cat and to keep their distance.

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