Fraser Clark says he is Britain's best heavyweight player and could be on a collision course with Joseph Parker |  Sky News boxing news

Fraser Clark says he is Britain’s best heavyweight player and could be on a collision course with Joseph Parker | Sky News boxing news

Olympic medalist Fraser Clark is poised to break into the pro ranks and insists there is no better heavyweight prospect in the country.

Clarke fought his first and only professional fight so far in February, a straight one-round victory over Jake Darnell. Since then, he has been recovering from a hand injury but is determined to get back into the heavyweight arena.

“The momentum is huge in the fighter’s career,” Clark said in an interview. sky sport. “The starting pit was not a good start but I will be fit and ready to go.”

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He suffered Bennett’s broken thumb, but during rehab he worked to take his strength and conditioning to another level, while training with his good hand. “Perfect your strokes, the movement of your foot,” he said. “You have to find solutions. I did everything you could do with one hand.”

Clark, an amateur and Tokyo Olympics bronze medalist, insists he’s the division’s rising force.

He believes that his potential and skills are underestimated. “I see a lot of people, for example, choosing me for what I can and can’t do. I don’t want to compare myself to anyone, but when I see what other people are doing, there’s nothing I can’t do better than anyone else.”

“When it comes to boxing brains, I beat everyone by a mile, and most weights are almost world class. I am a totally crazy student of this game, both amateur and professional. When it comes to using your brain, I jump and beat the rest.”

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He sees no better prospect than his heavyweight in the country. “There’s nobody. And I know it. I think people look at 30, and they think it’s not likely, it’s too old. I’m far from it. I’m fit, I’m strong, I still struggle with all my senses. In fact, I’m getting better.” “Maybe I was a slow burn, at 25 I wasn’t physically mature, I wasn’t mentally mature, it just took a little longer,” Clark said.

“I know I’m the best hope in the country. In a year, I won’t be a hope, I hope to have good victories under my belt and keep going.

“I’ll hit them cleanly, I’ll hit them where it hurts and I can also put my shots together,” he warns. “In time, people will be able to see it. I hope people will enjoy it.”

‘No tricks.’ Clark is a famous person but he is a high quality boxer

He is keen to show his abilities and is working to prepare for possible combat dates on July 30 or September 3.

“I’m so excited. I think, frankly, I don’t know how serious people are taking me. I think people think I’m just a gimmick,” said the former GB Boxing captain.

“I’m not saying I’m the next Muhammad Ali but I know I’m a good fighter and if you look at what’s happening now I know I fit into that category very easily… He’s about to go out there and do it and prove it under the spotlight.”

Clark has a heavyweight boxed. He even had an amateur encounter with Joseph Parker, who would go on to become a professional world champion.

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They boxed 12 years ago in a tournament in India and Parker made the decision. “Fraser, you can try to win against me maybe in the future, we’ll see,” said the New Zealander. Sky Sports News.

“He’s done really well as an amateur Olympic medalist and he’s come into the professional arena doing everything he can and trying to make some noise,” Parker continued. “He’s been around for a long time, he’s been fighting the best in the world for a long time, so I think in the end it might be a fight we can do. But he’s still building his career, he’s still getting his wins, he has to get more wins and fight more fights. »

Clark is determined to take her body to a new level

“I was just a kid,” Fraser noted. “I had just crossed the moon to be out of the country. I think this was only my second time on a plane.

It was the first time I had been away for three weeks, and it was the first time I had left my parents for so long.

“At that time nobody was, and I was nobody, and he became a world champion and did great things. So it was nice to share the ring all those years ago.”

But Clark, of course, wants revenge. “I have no illusions, I have a long way to go,” he said.

“But I’m an ambitious guy. You look at Joe’s style, you look at my style, that’s going to be fun, it’s going to be a great fight all the way. He beats me. Anyone who beats me and I don’t take the win back, it’s just me, it’s just me, it’s nature – you.” You just want to get that victory back.”

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