France's Thibaut Gariver wins CCC title

France’s Thibaut Gariver wins CCC title

Il n’y eut pas de round d’observation vendredi matin avec, dès la première ascension vers le refuge Bertone, la formation d’une échappée initiale composée du Norvégien Stian Angermund suivi du Lyonnais à Thibaut du Barvier’t Accurate.

In the Grand Col Ferret (30 km), Angermund increased his lead which was 2’02” over Garrivier, Baronian indicates 3’07”. The Norwegian was slowing, joined him at Champix (55 km) and then passed him by Gariver, almost three minutes late at La Giette (65 km) and retired at Vallorcin.

So the Baronian ranked second at 4’34” behind the captain but had a foot problem. The gap was widening, and it was 10’51” at Trient (72 km) as New Zealander Scott Hooker approached.

Kodina Women’s Winner

The latter joined the Baronian, dropped him on the descent to Vallorcine (83 km), and countered the latter’s rise by a 2’28“ lead over the former founder of Pays Rochois.

Meanwhile, Garrivier relentlessly pursued a victory in Chamonix with nearly a quarter of an hour ahead of Hawker. For his part, the Baronians limited the gap and managed to resist the return of two of his pursuers, Italian Andreas Ritterer and Varroa Hugo Dick.

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Czech Petra Svcikova has always led the women’s race, but she started very quickly (like Angermund) and was joined at the Champix by Spain’s Marta Moleste Kodina, victorious in this game.

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