France is in the Chadian trap

France is in the Chadian trap

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They are one hundred in front of the morgue of the General Hospital in N’Djamena, this Saturday 1he is May, in the blazing sun, they wait for the remains of two young “martyrs”, Yannick and Bruno, who fell four days earlier during the demonstrations that set fire to the Chadian capital and several regional towns.

A red or black stripe on the front, amid tears and funeral songs, anger is expressed at least against the group of officers who seized power after the sudden death of President Idriss Deby Itno against France, seen as their first support.

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Emmanuel Macron’s speech during the funeral of this ‘Brave friend’, Claiming that “France will not let anyone threaten, neither today nor tomorrow, the safety and stability of Chad.” It was understood as the unconditional dubbing of the facility as head of state to General Muhammad Idris Deby Itno, one of the deceased’s sons.

Condemnation, after four days, of the suppression of the demonstrations that left between six and eleven people dead, and the assertion that France will not support ‘Succession plan’ Or a reminder that Paris is defending the move “Democratic and inclusive” It didn’t seem to have any effect.

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‘Safe deal’

The flag of Chad worn by Nubasrah Ida, she wants to make it clear that her country is not ‘Sub-governorate’ from France. Around him, his comrades threatened, after sabotaging two Total stations, to systematically attack the interests of the former colonial power, “Excluding all French”, Or that “All of Africa will rebel against France.”

The time is not for moderation, but to express the discontent that passes by a large portion of the youth in French-speaking Africa, unconstrained by the death of the marshal’s head. “Many young people who only lived under Déby’s presidency are desperate because of the lack of prospects. They need a scapegoat for their plight, and Emmanuel Macron, in his words, has increased their anger, ” Remadji Huynathy, a researcher at the Institute for Security Studies, explains.

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