Forza Motorsport: The game’s release will be delayed according to Jeff Grubb |  Xbox One

Forza Motorsport: The game’s release will be delayed according to Jeff Grubb | Xbox One

Provided in more detail through Developer_Direct And also more recently during Forza Monthly, Forza Motorsport Players are looking forward to it. Unfortunately, many were disappointed that no release date for the Turn10 title was announced. Microsoft was clear during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 that the games showcased at the conference will be released. in the next twelve months. Today we learned that the game will be delayed for several months and therefore not released in the spring.

Forza Motorsport delayed to Q2 2023?

In the latest issue of
Podcast Chaos Game
the already famous Jeff Grob recalls that he’s heard the game is now planned for the second half of the year, particularly the third quarter and a half, between July and September:

From what I’ve heard, and I’m pretty sure of it, it looks like Forza has been pushed back to later this year, and probably won’t be released in the first half of 2023.


The release window that I’m hearing for Forza is Q3, maybe a little later.

He adds that there may be a chance the title will arrive before June, but it currently appears to be well planned for the second half, and he doesn’t understand why Microsoft hasn’t simply announced now that the game has been delayed by a few months. .

As a reminder, Forza Motorsport is planned exclusively for Xbox Series X | S and PC and recently revealed A lot of information On this topic, such as the number of cars and tracks available, as well as the use of a dynamic day/night cycle for the first time in the series.

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