Forza Motorsport: Full of new vehicle and track information!  |  Xbox One

Forza Motorsport: Full of new vehicle and track information! | Xbox One

Turn10 promised to talk about it again Forza Motorsport During the next monthly Forza episode and this was last night. As expected, the game was present, and the opportunity to introduce new details.

Information about Forza Motorsport cars and tracks

Once again it was Chris Isaki, Creative Director at Forza Motorsport, who took the floor to reveal new details about the game that we didn’t already know. Here’s what to remember.

  • All the cars in the game have been “reworked” with new technologies and rendering engine for this new game.
  • A new vehicle damage model has been implemented.
  • The game will start with more racing cars than the previous episodes. It was a very strong request from the community. Cadillac is one of them, as well as the Ginetta G60-LT-P1 model which belongs to the LMP1 class of Le Mans model. By the way, the List of Forza Motorsport cars It is fully updated on Xboxygen.
  • The game will start with 20 environments and the circuit has been designed to suit different types of racing. We’ve seen the Kyalami circuit in South Africa, but Mapple Valley and Laguna Seca have also been confirmed.
  • The Hakone Circuit in Japan is a new feature and has been specially designed for high-speed racing, ideal for overcoming challenges, for example.
  • The comment form has been completely reworked.
  • The competitors’ artificial intelligence has also been revamped. Chris Isaki talks about a fast artificial intelligence, which works without boosts, cheats or gimmicks. Specific details about this will be shared soon.
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We hope to soon have new gameplay footage, as well as a release date. Stay tuned Xboxygen, we’ll be talking about the game regularly!

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