Fortnite: Find Five Hidden Basketball, NBA Creative Mode crossover challenge - Breakflip

Fortnite: Find Five Hidden Basketball, NBA Creative Mode crossover challenge – Breakflip

In Creative mode, Epic Games prompts you to find 5 “Find Five Hidden Basketball” basketballs. We show you where to find them to complete the challenge!

If you want to complete Epic Games NBA Challenges, you will have to go toCreative welcome to the NBA. The problem is, you are validating this challenge, you will have to perform several tasks: participate in a dunk contest, find 5 basketballs, order a juice and take a photo in front of the camera. It’s quite complicated if you don’t know where to find these different things, which is why we offer personalized articles!

In this article we will tell you about the following mission: “Find the Hidden Basketball”. To find them, nothing could be simpler. Just follow our screenshots below. Be careful, some challenges an insect, It will definitely be necessary to come back later

Where are the basketballs in NBA Creative Home?

You have 5 to find. In order for the challenge portion to be validated, you will have to pass 5 basketballs spread throughout the map.

One of the balls hidden behind the stands of the basketball court

There is another ball behind the table where you can participate in a dunk competition

On the side of the room, you will see that there are two baskets that you can throw balloons into. On the left side, there is a balloon to recover by jumping

Behind the various maps you can join, on the right, is a hidden basketball

Next to where you order slurp juice, you have a balloon

Logically, this challenge is not an insect!

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