Former assistant principals at Southland High School for Boys get paid

Southland Boys High School President Simon Coe.


Southland Boys High School President Simon Coe.

A former assistant principal at Invercargill says he and two of his classmates don’t want other teachers to have to go through what they have.

This is why they took their former school to the Labor Relations Authority, which resulted in Southland Boys High School having to pay a total of $ 164,000 to three former assistant principals.

Three long-serving Southland Boys High School employees – Linda Dalziel, Steve Jackson and Alan Bailey – were canceled at the start of 2019.

They all held key auxiliary positions.

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Compensation was awarded to three former assistant principals at the Southland Boys School.


Compensation was awarded to three former assistant principals at the Southland Boys School.

After Rector Simon Coe was appointed in 2017, it was decided that instead of four assistant directors, he wanted one co-president, with three other management positions less than that.

The three complained to the Labor Relations Authority that they had been unfairly dismissed as a result of this process.

ERA has since issued a decision agreeing that their dismissal was unjustified.

The school was ordered to pay each teacher $ 28,000 in compensation and $ 25,679 in lost pay, with another $ 1,165 interest on that salary.

Coe Stuff told Thursday that the board was receiving legal advice regarding the ERA decision.

When asked if that meant they were looking to appeal, Coe added again that they are receiving legal advice and cannot comment further.

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The ERA decision stated that the restructuring was real, but the school did not follow the correct consultation process following the proposal.

The results say; “It is clear that the working relationship between the university president and each of the applicants was risky and ineffective.”

While the report demonstrates Coe’s lack of contact with his senior management team at the time, report author Peter van Keulen was not prepared to conclude that the rector’s restructuring proposal was designed to remove associate directors.

Jackson told Stuff that he was pleased with Van Cullen’s decision.

Although he said the truth is that they will never get their jobs back and his career has taken a big hit on his back as he lost his main job helping.

Jackson was upset that they struggled to get information from the school when they were preparing their notes as part of the counseling process.

“It was just so painful. I went through these gates for 35 years as a student and teacher, and we just went.”

Jackson said he hit all three of them hard.

He said that they all worked hard over a long period of time to build their careers and work their way up the ladder. To make that pulling suddenly from them hurts.

Added to this is the lack of employment opportunities at Invercargill at that major auxiliary level for them to follow.

Jackson had to start teaching at the bottom of the classroom, and last year he said he was only able to enroll 14 hours a week.

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He expressed the hope that by continuing to work through ERA, this would help others in the education sector in the future.

“We don’t want any of our other colleagues, all over the country, to pass by what we have,” he said.

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