Covid-19 Coronavirus: Queenslander breaks quarantine to go to McDonald’s


The resident was now placed in government housing at his own expense. Photo / Twitter

A scene between Queensland Police and a quarantine breaker emerged online, showing what could happen if you were caught breaking the rules in Australia.

In an effort to go to McDonald’s despite being instructed to stay home unless there is a medical emergency, residents – who will now have to be placed in government housing at his own expense – have been reprimanded by the police.

Upon approaching a car, the police officer introduces herself as a “covid unit” for breaking the rules before explaining the next steps.

“You left your place of residence, what happened? Why did you do that today?” The police officer asked.

A Queensland resident was arrested for leaving quarantine to obtain a McDonald's.  Photo / Twitter
A Queensland resident was arrested for leaving quarantine to obtain a McDonald’s. Photo / Twitter

Is there any reason or emergency for violating this quarantine?

While the resident is not shown on camera, it is clear that he has no “medical” reason for being at McDonald’s.

The officer explained: “Your actions today showed that you are unable to comply with quarantine directives, so we will put you in government housing at your expense. You will have to be quarantined there.”

“I have violated the quarantine trend. We are taking quarantine instructions very seriously in Queensland.

“We are not here to beat Covid. I understand you were not aware that you were in close contact with someone … But once you are given directions and told to stay home, it is so clear that you will not leave your address, unless it is medical treatment, medical services, or whatever A medical emergency.

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“Coming to McDonald’s is definitely not like that.”

This is an expensive McDonald’s trip.

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