Herzogin Meghan bei einem Besuch in Neuseeland im Jahr 2018. Kurz zuvor hatte sie für eine australische Familie Bananenbrot gebacken. Foto: Natalia Ramirez Roman/Shutterstock.com

For Women in Chicago: Meghan’s charity campaign sweetened with a lemon cake – entertainment

Duchess Meghan is visiting New Zealand in 2018. Shortly before, she had baked banana bread for an Australian family. Photo: Natalia Ramirez Roman / Shutterstock.com

It looks like a master baker has gone missing to Duchess Megan. You backed a good cause with your homemade lemon cake.

Olive oil, flour, salt, sugar, and lemon from their own garden – these are probably some of the ingredients for the homemade olive oil cake that Duchess Megan (39) is now supporting with a good reason.

With lemons from your own garden

With the delicious dessert, Megan wanted to express “her appreciation and support” to women in Chicago, USA, as part of Women’s History Month. However, the nonprofit organization World Central Kitchen (WCK) On Twitter and post a photoThe cake and several women appear. WCK worked with Archewell, Meghan’s charitable organization, and her husband, Prince Harry (36).

So the two organizations introduced the meals, and Megan’s olive oil and lemon cake were the dessert. It was baked with citrus fruits from Harry and Meghan’s garden. It is not the first time that Megan has attracted attention with her baking skills. By your Visiting an Australian familyMegan baked banana bread in 2018. She was also the driving force behind a cookbook called Together: The Community Cookbook.

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