Football World Cup 2022 – An attack on alcohol and Qatar insults Paris, the “garbage city”

Football World Cup 2022 – An attack on alcohol and Qatar insults Paris, the “garbage city”

Initially authorized, alcoholic beverages were banned around stadiums by FIFA. What created a new controversy around the world, especially in some Anglo-Saxon countries. On the country side, we discussed the devastation wrought by the drink with very concrete examples in Paris.

Not a day goes by without a new controversy in Qatar, as the 2022 World Cup kicks off on Sunday. The last of these concerned alcohol consumption in and around the competition’s eight stadiums. A Muslim country, and therefore opposed to alcohol, Qatar appears to have been conciliatory since tolerance was granted to heroism. a measure to encourage supporters to come but it did not last. In fact, Fifa announced this week that alcohol has finally been banned at the request of the host country, even if it is tolerated in areas designated for fans. A decision influenced by the supreme ruling regions of the small emirate and does not fail to cause controversy.

Paris cited alcohol as destroying the city

This change of face did not please Budweiser, the American brewer and sponsor of the World Cup. This is also the case with the public. Some were surprised to see FIFA surrender to Qatar, while others were saddened by the party’s decision. This was particularly the case in Germany and England. But in Qatar, some easily answer that without alcohol the party is crazier and above all cleaner. In a very popular tweet on social media, Qatari influencer Hamad Lahdan wanted to show the state of the city after supporters who drank alcohol passed by.

Europeans order alcohol in the stadiums. Here’s the state of their streets after the games Books under the pictures. Multiple litter boxes and bottles on the sidewalk. The pictures show a city disfigured by dirt and chaos. However, many have noticed that the city that was taken as an example in the photographs has always been Paris. The irony of the City of Light and France netizens. Thus, some welcomed the measure. Precautionary and useful to avoid any excess in diameter “.

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