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Football. Racing 92, Montpellier, Pau, Van … The latest information on the transfer market

The Argentinian opening half of the French stadium, Nicolas Sanchez, piques Montpellier’s interest. (© Icon Sport)

Racing 92. Dominic Bird returns to New Zealand

He didn’t keep it Race 92 At the end of this second grade season all Black Dominic Bird (30 years old, two choices) will return to New Zealand. He was, in fact, engaged with Tornadoes (Super Rugby). This is a privilege Wellington Announced, on Monday, May 3, On their website.

Bird, currently injured in the neck, will spot a third New Zealand team, having already played in the The Crusaders And for Heads. “I had a good time in France with Racing 92, I think I played with me The best rugby game Here. But now is the time to go home. At the end of March, he expressed his desire not to terminate his contract with Ile-de-France and return to his country “for the sake of Family reasons In the context of A global health crisis«.

Montpellier. Nicolas Sanchez (French Stadium) ogled

According to the location Rugby transfersArgentine opening half French stadiumAnd the Nicholas Sanchez (32, 84 caps) He will be watching closely Montpellier, Keen to cement himself in 10th place with the return of the Englishman Loan Alex Lozovsky to me Muslims At the end of the season and fail to file Ihya West Which was finally stacked for a season in La Rochelle.

The Puma engaged Until 2022 With The Pink Soldiers, but can be liberated by the Parisian leaders who have just extended the French opening match Joris Segunds (24 years) two additional seasons, i.e. Until 2024, according to Olympic noon.

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Paw. Jesse Mog at first …

to me Aljabiraama, Australian rear PawAnd the Jesse Mog (31 years old; 3 selections), who arrived in Béarn 2 seasons ago, should not be kept Department Balawaz Next June. Braked by a rebellious injury to his leg, he was absent from the field for 20 months after surgery for a tumor, he would not enter into the plans of the future manager of Pau Sebastian Pichronis. He can decide to return to his country to develop again Super Rugby With the old franchise of Prombiz.

Young Thibaut Hamono (Tolusin Stadium) will land …

according to Olympic noon, The second line of Toulouse stadium Thibaut Hamono (21), the 2019 U-20 World Champion, will be loaned out for one season to PawNext season. He is considered one of the great hopes of French rugby, as he was hampered by a serious leg injury and he did not play a single professional match with Toulouse this chapter. So he will try to revive himself at Club Béarn, where he was his former manager for blueberrySebastian Picronis.

Valves. One of Rennes’ pillars (fed 1)

This Monday 3rd May Remote control valves (2e From Pro D2) Formalize the right column signature Antonio Ulutuipalelei, from Ren (Federal 1), until the end of the season. Described as “an athlete and shot from.” Wallis and FutunaHe started rugby at the age of 19 under Colors Race 92Before joining in 2019, the Rennes Student Club (REC), ” he points to Morbihan.

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Athletic Director of RCVAnd the Jean Noel SpitzerHe welcomed this weighty buildup: “It is a correct anchor for the Regional Economic Center, which has been provisionally released to bolster our workforce in this position. Despite his lack of experience at this level, Atonio is a player in it. Real physical traits And athletic readiness to play professionally in the short term. “

Aurillac. Paul Boise suspends his dreams …

distance 25 years Good and sincere service to Aurillac, Including 10 seasons complete with the pro kit, half of the symbolic cantal syrup Paul Boissett (32) announced on his Facebook page that he will retire at the end of the current season. He’s a gentleman in Cantalou Rugby and generally a French rugby who pulls out.

… signed Theo Lachod (Toulon)

according to Le Figaro, Young prostitute ToulonAnd the Theo Lachoud (20 years old), he will join the clubAurillac (Pro D2) this summer. World Under-20 Champion In 2019, he didn’t play a single match with RCT This season we will try to re-launch it in Cantal Next season. The player you trained in La Seine sur Mer (Farr) He can also play in third grade, as he does this season with Toulon Espoirs.

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