family comes first

family comes first

The most important match in Jayden Hayward Off the field. He’s already made his choice for life: He left Rugby to be next to his autistic son who suffers from separation anxiety. At the end of the season, he would return to his native New Zealand, because nothing is worth more than Noah’s love. he is “In the net with Noah” He is a fundraiser that rugby player Benetton Treviso has launched with a charitable purpose, which he personally touches. He pulled two private shirts he wore at different points in his career, between the Italian national team and the Venetian club: the proceeds will be donated to the Federation ‘our family’ It is dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, especially those of growing age, with the aim of improving the quality of life. Behind this choice is a story of profound human suffering dating back to 2019.

We found an impressive array of health professionals, therapists, and ABA teachers and since then Noah’s improvement has been amazing thanks to their resources and support.

That is why he tells his story in the letter published by his company to convert pain into positive energy and increase public awareness of research that sees associations at the forefront. Hayward wraps the tape of memories and returns for two years to the Rugby World Cup in Japan, in which he participated in the ranks of the Azzurri. He arrived in Veneto in 2014, after 3 years he made his debut in the national team: out of 27 matches there are also 3 matches from the elimination round at the Rising Sun and that was then, while he was on the other side of the world, that his wife told him what the son was suffering from .

He called me to tell me that our son Noah has been diagnosed with autism – reading the message posted on Benetton Treviso’s social channels – as well as ADHD. I remember feeling helpless and disconnected from everything. What was supposed to be the highlight of my career suddenly became irrelevant. I cried on the phone, telling my wife that rugby was no longer important to me, and being in Japan away from them was meaningless. All I wanted to do was go home. To others, it might sound selfish, but to me, family comes first.

Little is better now. Working to create a more understanding world for people with autism and their families is now like holding the oval in your arms and resisting intense pushing. It certainly wouldn’t be Hayward’s last destination.

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