Football.  New Zealand sweeps Australia to win Bledisloe Cup

Football. New Zealand sweeps Australia to win Bledisloe Cup

Last Saturday’s victory was much more complicated to get (33-25) against a Wallabies who are able to score as many attempts – four – as the Black.

Everything was back to normal and the Antipod shock turned into a demonstration in the second half, while the first-half score (21-15) still leaves the Australians with a bit of hope.

Despite the disastrous start, the Wallabies managed to score two goals, including an attempt by half Tate McDermott in the last second of the first period (40), between posts, taking advantage of a rare moment of neglect from the New Zealanders.

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But once it resumed, the suspense took a fatal blow: 38-15, then 43-15, then 50-15, due to a flurry of auditions. Including one after Sevo Reese intercepted, a killer like that of Rikuo Iwan who allowed the Blacks to advance 7-0 after a 90-meter raid, from the fourth minute.

As a bonus, a penalty kick nearly 60 meters from full-back Damien Mackenzie narrowly passed, and finally on the road, which turned the shot into a penalty. The All Blacks have held the symbolic Bledesloe Cup since 2003.

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Like last Saturday, young player Noah Lolisio (21), who lost several balls, was the unfortunate champion of the day. While McDermott and Andrew Killaway, author of Double Damage Reducing Somewhat, attempted to confront dominant and lead blacks. As usual.

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