Football. It went unnoticed, but the All Blacks crossed the legendary crossbar against France

Rikuo Iwan’s All Blacks scored over 100 attempts in 2021 and set a new record. Small consolation prize. (© Icon Sport)

defeats in the faceIreland and on fifteenth of France, The all BlackThey didn’t lose it all on this contested European tour in Fall 2021. In fact, the band is in Ian Foster She can console herself by telling herself that she has passed the Symbolic Master 100 trials were recorded over the course of a calendar year. In 2021, New Zealand scored the trivial goal 101 attempts in 15 matches.

It is simply the first in rugby world. The above was held by Argentina, with 92 attempts recorded in 2003, including 24 against Uruguay (144-0 win). So far, the all black He came close to that mark in 2003 with 81 attempts, but he still hasn’t reached it.

The record was also broken for the average number of attempts per game

average 6.73 attempts / game, teammates Sam Whitelock Also improve the standard average number of attempts for each game that belongs to The movie All Blacks de 1987, with an average of 6.71 trials recorded. Finally, it should be noted that their 2021 test counter exploded during the patch imposed on it United State (104-14), with 16 attempts Registered, last October 24.

All Blacks team testing details in 2021

New Zealand / Tonga: 16 attempts (102-0)
New Zealand / Fiji: 9 attempts (57-23)
New Zealand / Fiji: 9 attempts (60-13)
New Zealand/Australia: 4 attempts (33-25)
New Zealand/Australia: 8 attempts (57-22)
Australia/New Zealand: 6 attempts (21-38)
New Zealand / Argentina: 5 attempts (39-0)
Argentina/New Zealand: 5 attempts (13-36)
New Zealand / South Africa: 1 attempt (19-17)
South Africa/New Zealand: 3 attempts (31-29)
US/New Zealand: 16 attempts (14-104)
Wales / New Zealand: 7 attempts (16-54)
Italy / New Zealand: 7 attempts (9-47)
Ireland/New Zealand: 2 attempts (29-20)
France / New Zealand: 3 attempts (40-25)

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Is Jordan close to Joe Rococo’s record

Remain silent against the French, despite some glimmers of genius, the New Zealand winger Will Jordan (23 years old) did not equal the record for the number of exams recorded in a calendar year held by his illustrious predecessor Joe Rocococo. Comment his test counter 15 attempts in 10 matches, in 2021, which is really cool, but he failed only two units of Rokocoko’s record, author of 17 attempts in 12 games, in 2003.

Thus, the Crusaders player did not become the all-time leading goalscorer in a calendar year, at the international level, but may have been held back only partially since Will “Magic” Jordan (nicknamed the Land of the Kiwi.) promising a brilliant future with the black shirt hit Silver fern.

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