ASM winger Damien Benaud, devouring spaces with the fifteenth of France

Of course, he was elected “man of the match” against Georgia. But we wanted to see Damien Benaud in another context, strong opposition and his performance against New Zealand was a great opportunity to test a real assessment, even if his talent is not in question.

In front of his television, ASM coach Xavier Sadorny naturally closely followed Penaud’s performance on this fall tour that ended Saturday night in apotheosis against the Blacks (40-25).

Seven blue tests in 2021

“He was clean in the first two games (Argentina and Georgia), but we expected him in this encounter against the New Zealanders. He was decisive. I would say he went through a training session in these three games. I found him consistent while maintaining his qualities as a different player. He sets fire to everything. A balloon is touching it. He is really what we call a decisive player.”

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In the opening tests, against Argentina, the match did not allow the wings to shine. He labored that day to defend, going the way. Sadurni even said, “I found it cleaner in the ground game.”

ASM: Crestfallen is at rest and will miss Perpignan on Saturday, Lavanini . suspended

Against the Georgians, the France team was able to count on the crestfallen’s heavy-handed, extra-long, and fast-paced setting once they sought to advance the game. We’ve seen that, as against the Blacks this Saturday as well, use the game in depth, which puts the opponent under a lot of pressure. At Bordeaux, Clermontois boosted his performance with two tests.

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“His future seems to me more on the wing.” Xavier Sadorny

And against the New Zealanders, Benod was decisive again. Key with great activity with the ball and in particular a massive penetration in the middle of the field brought Nettamak test in the first half. He sowed, later in the game, the decisive attempt at a perceptible intercept.

15th for France achieved the achievement by dominating New Zealand on Saturday (40-25)

In the end, the ASM player stands out more than ever as a mainstay with this amazing French team. At the center of the pavilion, where Xavier Sadorny predicted his best days in the blue. Internationally, his future looks more on the wing. It’s more free there. He can go out where he wants and he will highlight his qualities more even if he touches fewer balls compared to the middle. For me, he masters the winger position, improves most of the balls he touches. And then, when I observe his behavior, he has maintained his freshness and spontaneity.”

Christophe Boron

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