Football: Caledonia is off to a bad start in Qatar |

Football: Caledonia is off to a bad start in Qatar |

With a double score, Cyrusi Nalubo (11 .)And the89And the) was a Caledonian executioner, whose score was lowered by Jordan Wittria (78 .).And the).

The first shot was the Fijian, by Settevini Kavoilagi, after a rough increase from goalkeeper Roki Nikken, but it passed (3And the).

The first goal was also Fiji, through fast Lautoka striker Syrusi Nalubo, who came by pressing midfielder Joel Wakanomoni, who failed to control his right foot, and then tried to catch up with his left foot, to no avail. . Instant penalty with a trick from Sairusi Nalaubu in front of Rocky Nyikéine, then scores from close range (0-1, 11And the).

Rescue in front of the line

Caledonia (who had not played an official game since the losing final at the 2019 Pacific Games) were on the cusp of a quick comeback, but an opponent miraculously saved in front of goal, by selecting a physically strong Fiji and generous in pressure. Line, header reversal after a good move: free kick by Titouan Richard, acrobatic throw-in by Pierre Paco for header by Morgan Mathlon (22And the).

The Fijian response was swift, by Sairusi Nalaubu, who beat Emile Perrone to recover a cross, forcing Rocky Nikken to make a fine save (29).And the).

Richard Seely decisive passerby

The equalizer came late, with a diving header from exciting Jordan Witteria, found by Richard Seely (he entered during the match) from a left-footed cross, coming off the right wing (1-1, 78).And the).

Unfortunately for the Caledonian team, two minutes after the end of the regulatory time, immediately after the double change made by the staff, they were surprised by the inevitability of Cyrusi Nalubo (already composing a hat-trick in a friendly match this month against Vanuatu), who with a strong header recovered a victorious free kick (1-2, 89And the).

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Titouan Richard (from behind) and his Caledonian teammates played this match in Doha, in front of the empty stands. OFC Images

Caledonia team: Rocky Nikken – Jean-Brice Wadriacou, Emile Baroni (hat), Pierre Coma, Jean-Luc D’Equerie – Cedric D’Equeire (Christopher Wacalli, 88)And the), Joel Wakanomuni (Cedric Sansot, 82And the), Pierre Paco – Tetouan Richard (Richard Seeley, 68And theMorgan Mathillon (Joris Quinon 88 .)And the), Jordan Wittria.

Two assets are less offensive

Playmaker Cesar Ziola, former Laval player in Serie B and now in cognac at the national level 3 (5And the French level), due to a calf injury. Striker Georges Job-Fenby joins the group this weekend: kept by his club, Concarneau, at National (3And the French section).

The Kagos plays again on Tuesday (1 hour) against Papua New Guinea, and then on Friday (4 hours) against the New Zealanders. They will go to the semi-finals if they finish first and second in the group. Another defeat would be devastating. Winning both games is almost mandatory.

New Zealand victory

Earlier this Saturday, still in Group B, the New Zealanders, the favorites for the tournament, beat Papua 1-0 with a goal from Ben Win (75.And the).

The day before, Friday, in Group A, the Solomon Islands scored two goals in the first half to defeat Cook (2-0), while the meeting between the Tahitians and Vanuatu did not take place, the latter affected by many cases of Covid. -19. The results (postponement or cancellation, Tahiti’s victory by default or not) have not yet been revealed, and the Oceania Confederation (OFC) has indicated that it is working on the matter with FIFA.

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obstacle course

To play the World Cup in November and December in Qatar, which will be Caledonia’s first, it is first necessary to win the contested Oceania Championship since Friday (until the end of the month) in Qatar.

The winner of this competition will play a play-off against 4And the From the CONCACAF region (Caribbean, North and Central America), possibly Panama or Costa Rica. Winning this playoff would secure a place in the World Cup.

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