14th place: Stade Rochelais with Berjon hinge

14th place: Stade Rochelais with Berjon hinge

He will meet Ihaia West, who for his part played a third consecutive game in the opening after successes at Pau and against Brave. As in Béarn, he will be able to share the animation with Pierre Popelin, who will be stationed in the back, Brice Dulin did not appear on the team, just like Jules Favre, three other quarters who participated in the tours. Back between La Rochelle and Marcuse in recent weeks. On the other hand, Thomas Lafault and Paul Bodhent will travel to the Var a few days after leaving the French national team, but they will take their place on the bench.

Buliruarua on familiar land

Also, the 15 starts scored 4 more returns compared to the team that started against Corrizins: Romain Sazi and Remy Pickett would make up the second row (William Skelton benefits from a few extra days in Australia), Jan Liebenberg finds the center of the winger and Eneriko Buliruarua is the winger. He passed through the Fijian International Training Center and has not started in this center since the sixteenth day and the defeat against Montpellier.

On the bench, we’ll also find Kerr-Barlow and Raymond Rhule but also Pierre Bodhent and Ramiro Herrera. 14 Players of Courses (JIFF) on the sheet, their total to be added to Grégory Alldritt and Jonathan Danty. Note that Matthias Haddad Victor, who was injured during the week in training, lost.

On the Toulon side, the holders would look great, between the safe bets Etzebeth Alainu’uese and Isa in the pack, Serin and Carbonel at the hinge, Wainiqolo, Kolbe and Paia’aua on the wings and in the middle, not forgetting Ribage and Luke who also returned from Marcuse. Suffice it to say that the RCT combines power and speed in its lines…

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the team

Popelin – Leyds, Sinzelle, Botia, Buliruarua – (o) West, (m) Berjon – Bourdeau, Vito, Liebenberg – Picquette, Sazy (cap) – Sclavi, Bourgarit, Priso.

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