Flame in New Zealand – Love Storm – ARD

Flame in New Zealand – Love Storm – ARD

Broadcast date Friday 07/09/21 | 3:10 PM | the first

Episode 3638

Florian assures Maja that he and Shirin did not recognize each other under the masks. But Maja feels that Sherine knows well who was under the mask and breaks off friendship with Sherine. When Florian cannot change Maja’s mind, he has only one explanation for her behavior…

Kristoff finds it difficult to see Selina in Cornelius’ arms. But he’s sure Selena still has feelings for him. Selena actually confides in Alphonse how much she is fighting against her love for Kristoff and at the same time wants her old feelings for Cornelius to resurface. In order to keep Cornelius away from Selina for the time being, Kristoff resorts to questionable means.

Rosalie’s bad reputation in the community negatively affects the café’s sales. But Rosalie refuses to apologize to Kristoff for something she didn’t do. Andre then offered to buy her way out of the café. When Rosalie then accused him of only wanting to take advantage of the situation, Andre gave her an ultimatum.

Benny finds out that his girlfriend Sarah is working at a hotel in New Zealand where there is currently a kitchen vacancy. He is even more eager to travel to New Zealand then ask Robert to give him a certificate. When he refuses, Benny secretly sneaks into the office…

Immediately after the linear broadcast of one episode of the series, the next episode becomes available first online and then in the ARD media library for three months.

Cast and staff

Role the actor
Maya von Thalheim Christina Arends
Florian Vogt Arne Looper
Werner Saalfeld Dirk Galuba
Robert Saalfeld Lorenzo Battan
Alphonse Sonnebichler Take a shower
Christoph Saalfeld Dieter Bach
Andrei Konopka Joachim Lach
Michael Niederpool Eric Altenkopf
Rosalie Angel Natalie Allison
Selina von Thalheim Katja Rosin
Cornelia Holly Deborah Mueller
Maximilian Richter Stefan Hartmann
Shirin Seelan Murphy Jacker
Hans Froehlich Pablo Conrad
Cornelius Thalheim Christopher Murray
Benjamin Hall Florian Burgkart
book: Günter Offermann
Daniela Hilchenbach
exit: Felix Berwald
Stephen Nowak

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