Five Hezbollah fighters, including Ali Al-Debs, were killed within 24 hours

Five Hezbollah fighters, including Ali Al-Debs, were killed within 24 hours

At least five Hezbollah fighters and eleven civilians were killed within 24 hours in southern Lebanon in Israeli bombing. Hundreds of Shiite party fighters have been killed and wounded since the clashes began on the Lebanese-Israeli border on October 8.

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With our correspondent in Beirut. Paul Khalifa

He was among three fighters killed on Wednesday in an Israeli raid in Nabatieh, in the south of the country LebanonThe character of Ali Al-Debs. This high-ranking military official was injured a few days ago in the same city, when his car was attacked by a drone.

the Hizb allah The Israeli army announced the firing of dozens of missiles at Israeli positions in the Galilee in response to the deadly raid carried out on Wednesday in Nabatieh.

Hassan Nasrallah's party has already lost nearly 190 fighters, including a key commander of his elite Radwan Force and two commanders. At least 300 other party members were injured, including dozens in serious condition, in Israeli air strikes and artillery fire.

The high number of casualties within 24 hours attests to the intensity of the fighting on the Lebanese-Israeli front.

The United Nations sounded the alarm against what it called ” Dangerous climb “.

The spokesman for the United Nations peacekeeping forces deployed in southern Lebanon, Andrea Tenenti, warned on Thursday of the consequences of… An annoying shift » Regarding the level of hostilities along the border.

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