Egypt may allow Gazans to move to Sinai: Media

Egypt may allow Gazans to move to Sinai: Media

Work has begun to establish a reception area for Palestinian refugees from the Gaza Strip in Egyptian territory, according to local media.

“The construction works seen in Sinai along the border with Gaza and the security perimeter around a certain area of ​​land are serious indicators that Egypt may be preparing to accept and allow the displacement of Gazans towards Sinai, in coordination with Israel.” And the United States,” Mohamed Sabry, a journalist and blogger, posted on X (formerly Twitter).

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According to the Sinai Foundation, the work aims to create a closed zone near the border with the Gaza Strip to accommodate Gazans who wish to leave the Strip, if the Israeli army carries out an anti-terrorism operation in Rafah. The zone, which is supposed to be ready within ten days, will serve as a way for Egypt to intensify the migration wave and not have to manage thousands of Gazan refugees spread throughout the region. Since the announcement of the imminent Israeli operation in Rafah on the border with Egypt, Cairo has threatened Israel to sever diplomatic relations if refugees cross the border.

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