First Maori woman to invest as Governor-General of New Zealand

First Maori woman to invest as Governor-General of New Zealand

Social justice advocate Cindy Kero was sworn in as New Zealand’s Governor-General on Thursday, becoming the first Maori woman to hold the eminently symbolic position.

As the Governor-General, she will serve as New Zealand’s representative to the Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II.

Kerro, an academic with long experience advocating for the rights of children and indigenous communities, promised to establish contact with the groups most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are living in a period of immense uncertainty and anxiety,” he declared during a ceremony in Parliament.

“I will contact marginalized communities in our society, either because of their disability, because they are homeless, or because they are discriminated against because of their addiction or because of their mental illness.”

Kerro said he also plans to reach out to immigrants, refugees, and the “unsung heroes of our community.”

Kiro, 63, the daughter of a Maori citizen and an Englishman, said she is proud to pass on her dual legacy to the position of Governor General.

The role of the Governor-General is largely ceremonial, and involves investing deputies, awarding degrees of honour, and receiving foreign dignitaries.

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