First Maori as Secretary of State - Nanaya Mahuta with chin tattoo

First Maori as Secretary of State – Nanaya Mahuta with chin tattoo

New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern introduced her new government. Maori Nanaya Mahuta is the first female foreign minister to hold this position. This is not only a sign of progress.

About two weeks after her apparent election victory, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern presented her new government on Monday. Maori Nanaya Mahuta, the first woman to hold this position, will be Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“I’m so proud of it”: diversity in government

The 50-year-old was a Minister for Maori Development and Local Government. She is the first woman in the New Zealand Parliament to wear the Mokuo Kawai – the traditional chin tattoo. Mahota said that Mäori and mixed-race women now have career opportunities in New Zealand that have long been closed to them. The office is a “great privilege”.

Ardern’s wardrobe of 20 houses eight women, five Maori women, and three LGBT women (lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women). The 40-year-old said, “This is an incredibly diverse and merit-based locker. I’m proud of it.” The country now also has a new division: Chris Hepkins has become Minister for Combating Covid-19. With drastic measures, New Zealand has already cut the number of new infections to zero twice.

Cooperation with the Green Party – despite the electoral victory

In the October 17 parliamentary elections, Labor won an outright majority of 64 of the 120 parliamentary seats in the island nation in the South Pacific, according to preliminary results. Although she can rule alone, Ardern announced at the end of the week that it would continue its collaboration with the Greens. The two sides agreed on a cooperation agreement.

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“We showed in the previous administration that we can do well together. On environmental and prosperity issues, we agree on many points that are beneficial to New Zealand.” That is why it wants to continue relying on the experience of the Green Party.

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