First feature film trailer •

First feature film trailer •

Epic battles and a lot of CGI.

  • Dynasty Warriors hit theaters in Hong Kong and China in April
  • The new trailer for the adaptation gives some insights into the movie
  • It looks like a CGI battle with a lot of lavish action and costumes

Dynasty Warriors, the popular martial arts fighting game series, will receive a feature film adaptation of director Roy Zhao next month. There’s now our first detailed Chinese teaser trailer, which really reveals a little bit of what you can expect in a movie trailer.

Dynasty Warriors’ live-action movie was first announced in 2016, and like the Koei Tecmo games, it is loosely based on Chinese history, more specifically in the Time of the Three Kingdoms, an era that began around AD 208. In the video game and also in the movie adaptation, this time it is performed in a fictional version with martial arts battles.

In the movie Known from the games, Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei compete against strong opponent Lu Bu, who is known from the game for his cool behavior, elegant and luxurious outfits.

The trailer also shows what to expect: CGI. A lot of it. At first glance, it reminds me a bit of an adaptation to the nondescript Avatar – Lord of the Elements movie, which actually consists of effects without plot, but that might be very funny in the case of the Warriors and badly in a good way if you understand.

Anyone who loves a lot of fireworks, action and a scientist who has never seen a real tree before will definitely find it here. Well, that’s not entirely true, because it’s actually filmed in Hong Kong and New Zealand, but you don’t see much of it anymore. The costumes are super luxurious (the hats are out of this world!) And the visuals are kinda impressive, if you aren’t tired of pure CGI worlds.

Maybe a candidate for a funny garbage movie? Let’s be honest: a hack-and-slay movie should look like this after all.

However, it is not yet clear when or if the film will arrive in Germany, as it will first be shown in Hong Kong on April 29 and then in Chinese cinemas, and its release in Europe has not yet been confirmed.

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