Find a winning ticket from the deceased grandfather but…

First the joy, then the bitterness. The player finds a dead grandfather’s scratch card: disappointment at the moment of collection

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In recent weeks, there have been many stories told about the winners of Scratch and win Who managed to get record prizes. Lucky Coupon actually seems to be going through a really magical period, with Awards Which players collect regularly throughout Italy. This confirms the Italians’ passion for the game in general.

However, in the past few hours, there was news that went viral on the web and got everyone excited. Actually we’re talking about a guy who found a winning ticket for his grandfather Died 4 years ago. Discovery on the move, with a discovery that filled the whole family with joy.

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In fact, it was a very important win, and it was a huge win. A booty would have been very convenient for the lucky deceased heir who showed greatness satiate In the ability to collect a large sum.

Scratch and win, disappointment in collecting time

Scratch and win
Scratch and win

At the time of the Scratch and Win collection, a cold shower arrived for the deceased heir who had died 4 years earlier. In fact, the ticket was not paid for due to the details he did not take into account. Perhaps not much is known. In fact, it has been a lot of time to assemble, with “Expiry date” subordinate Cut off course now.

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Big disappointment for a man Reggio Calabria, who was until a few minutes before he went to the library, where his grandfather was a regular customer, convinced he could collect a thousand euros. The spoils remained only in the dreams of the heir who could not help but accept the state of things.

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The look that highlights the details that not all players know. In fact, the winnings, both those for raffle competitions and those for zero tickets, have an expiration date and a timeout for the group.

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