Epic Games Takes Free Friday For Employees, Who Don't Take It Well - Nerd4.life

Epic Games Takes Free Friday For Employees, Who Don’t Take It Well – Nerd4.life

Epic Games erected Friday for free alternately for themselves employees During the lockdown period, but with a return to normal, the company canceled this measure, which sparked discontent among its workers.

Epic Games employees, considering a Fortnite movie to launch their entertainment division, used this day of rest to recover energy, often in contrast to Exceptional carried out on other days.

Important projects like the aforementioned Fortnite, which is preparing for Season 9, require constant efforts by developers in order to create new content that keeps players interested.

In an email sent to employees, chief operating officer Daniel Vogel said the free Fridays switch wasn’t working as it should, meaning many people didn’t benefit equally from the measure.

An Epic Games spokesperson said that the company will establish a rule not to organize business meetings on Friday, in an effort in this way to provide employees at least the possibility to use these days to freely perform their duties.

The spokesperson added that alternating free Fridays are a recognized temporary measure, as part of an organization that already sees offices closing for four weeks a year without consideration of individual employee permits.

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