finally! The first teaser trailer for the Wheel of Time series

So far there has been almost none wheel of time To see the first poster and photos were already featured at San Diego Comic Con at Home at the end of August, after us Amazon A teaser for the logo a short while ago in July. Now it is finally First real joke There to quote Robert Jordan’s extensive fantasy series in German:

The first trailer for The Wheel of Time Season 1 (in German)

Teaser trailer too wheel of time Sounds like a beautiful epic, he wants to bring us a world full of magic:

The story follows the protagonist Moiraine, who lives in this very world and belongs to a group of select women who still have access to magic. She came to Two Rivers as a member of the very powerful Ace Sedae, made up of all women. There begins your adventure – a dangerous world tour. In this epic journey, one of your fellow travelers is expected to be the reborn dragon who can save and destroy humanity forever.

So the official story of wheel of time. The first season has already been filmed and is waiting for us 19. November in a Amazon Prime. The second season has already been ordered. Rosamund Pike lead as Moren, the central character of wheel of time-The series, an impressive large and international cast with quite a few well-known faces such as Peter Mullan and Maxime Baldry, but also newcomers from New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, UK and USA.

Definitely a must wheel of timeThe series also gives an impression of the quality that we will have later also with Lord of the ringsThe series was expected, but first of all we are looking forward to this very new adaptation, which no one has dared to try yet.


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